This Just In: We Now Offer AudioControl Products!


D-Tronics Home & Business Is Proud of This Recent Addition to Our Audio Offerings 

Top-in-class audio is paramount to any home entertainment experience. Immersing yourself in the fast-paced action of a car chase scene or feeling like you’re in the front row at an ACL stage is possible even if you're sitting in your home theater or media room in Texas – all you need is the right audio/video setup. We understand that our clients want the best-in-class performance, and we’re happy to announce that we now offer AudioControl! 

At D-Tronics Home & Business, we’re proud to bring high-end audio products to our clients in the McAllen area and beyond. Read on below to learn more about our new product offering and why AudioControl amplifiers have such a solid reputation. 

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With its 40-year award-filled history and innovation fueled by a team of self-described “obsessive audio experts,” AudioControl is well-known for car and home audio products. And it’s for a good reason, too – their products go above and beyond their tagline of “making good sound great.”  

Great audio should improve your life in some way, helping your mood throughout the day, whether you're using music to energize yourself in the mornings or wind down on the weekends. Recreating the concert hall or theater experience is possible with AudioControl's dedication to reliability and innovation in a wide range of amplifiers and AV processors. 

AudioControl Amplifiers 

Amplifiers are an essential piece of audio equipment and are considered the workhorse of any AV setup. Clean, reliable, and clear power are a must to amplify the signal from your audio sources to the speakers throughout your home. Every room of your McAllen property will sing, and you will, too, thanks to the multi-room flexibility available at the tap of a finger and powered by AudioControl. 

AudioControl amplifiers ensure a sonic performance that avoids generating excess heat like other brands. The brand does this by its exclusive Class H topology monitors that regulate input levels and maximize efficiency with various voltage rails, which reduces the amount of power that is uselessly converted to heat – something other amplifiers are notorious for.  


We’re glad to add this superior audio brand to our list of offerings. For a demonstration of the latest AudioControl products, schedule an appointment here to visit our fully immersive showroom in McAllen, TX.  

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