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The magic of whole-home audio truly sets your Texas home aflutter with the sound of music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. By tapping your finger on an elegant keypad or by making a voice command, your entire audio/video system will take mere seconds to respond.

The components you include in your McAllen-area home’s distributed audio system don’t need to be complicated. Still, they do need to be high-performance to withstand many years of entertainment. That’s why D-Tronics Home & Business loves incorporating McIntosh audio products into our clients’ residential projects.

Scroll below to read more about the luxurious listening experience you can achieve when incorporating this powerhouse brand into your sound setup.


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Why McIntosh?

The McIntosh brand is incredibly versatile, serving as a stylish conversation starter while also offering two-channel stereo and multi-channel surround sound for home theaters. Did you know that Lyndon Johnson’s presidential inauguration speech was entrusted to McIntosh audio in 1965?  And so was the Grateful Dead’s iconic Wall of Sound at their Woodstock performance.

The blue Watt output meter, stunning blue and green lights, and vacuum tubes make us nostalgic for decades past, yet wow us with the incredible modern technological genius included inside. A McIntosh speaker, amplifier, media streamer, or AV processor is always a good choice for both design and performance.


The Experience

Due to its iconic look, McIntosh looks excellent in any room of the house. In the home theater, the brand’s powerful internal components are intelligent enough to correct any sound reflections or absorption in the room. This room correction feature compensates for room acoustics – for example, hardwood floors in the media room may reflect sound – or speaker placement limitations due to a room’s configuration.

In multi-functional media spaces, powered amplifiers can support multi-channel systems, so the entire room is filled with crystal-clear dialogue and booming bass tones during your favorite action or comedy films. In your dedicated listening room, your jaw will drop at the sonic-powered sounds of floor standing and bookshelf loudspeakers. Then in the kitchen and dining room, enjoy the subtle look of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with paintable grilles that blend seamlessly into your décor.


Contact D-Tronics Home & Business today to bring the fun, funky, and knock-your-socks-off features of McIntosh audio to your Texas entertainment space. Chat with us below or fill out our consultation form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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