Commercial Access Control: Take Your Business to the Next Level


What You Need to Keep Your Business Secure with Access Control Technology

Keeping a business secure is vital for any business owner, no matter the industry. Luckily, at D-Tronics Home & Business, we specialize in commercial access control systems that make running a business easier in McAllen and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner who needs to know if employees armed the alarm when they closed up shop or you’re a building manager that needs to manage security clearance to specific areas of your warehouse, there are a variety of features available to inform you of what’s happening on your commercial property at all times.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can operate your Texas commercial property with access control systems more effectively.

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Access Only For Those Who Need It

Managing access into and around a facility is a common need for any business owner, and an access control system allows this in a variety of ways. Card readers, keypads, or biometrics ensure only trusted staff may enter an area. For restaurants, this looks like limited access to rooms where the money is kept; for warehouses, this guarantees only staff with the proper training may access a room with commercial equipment that requires specialized knowledge to operate.

You can control access to multiple areas of your business by the user and by the time of day - all from the convenience of your smart device. Integrating your security and surveillance system allows you to view multiple areas of your property, and you can even lock and unlock doors remotely – perfect for when you are off-site yet need to provide entry to someone.

Monitoring Your Business

The management of an expertly installed access control system can be done remotely by a monitoring service, or you may choose to monitor the system on your own. Either option you choose makes it easy to run your commercial business and improves your peace of mind.

Imagine receiving a text alert or push notification whenever workers attempt to access areas that require special security clearance; or imagine receiving a phone notification if motion is detected in the evening after everyone has left the facility. It’s possible with an access control system.

Here For You

D-Tronics Home & Business strives to bring innovative technology solutions to our clients in the McAllen, TX area. To discuss access control possibilities for your commercial property, contact us here or chat with a representative at the bottom of your screen. We look forward to hearing from you.

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