Protect Your Staff & Building with an Access Control System


Learn How to Keep Your Commercial Business Secure

The phrase “business as usual” has all but lost its meaning in the last year. What used to be considered “usual” or “the norm” is no longer applicable, and Texas business owners are left reevaluating the way they run their company to continue making profits during a challenging time in global history.

As you reflect on the best methods for maintaining profits and boosting staff morale this quarter, it’s the perfect time to address how you keep your employees and property secure. Surveillance cameras, biometric readers, and alarm systems can all operate cohesively in one easy-to-use system with an integrator’s help. At D-Tronics Home & Business, we’re the experts at orchestrating all of your smart technologies into an intuitive system that will assist you in protecting your Harlingen-area business.

Keep scrolling to learn how commercial access control systems transform how you navigate the return to “business as usual.”


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Security Cameras

While you’re busy running your business behind the scenes, your inventory, employees, and patrons are a dynamic component of operations on the front end. Maintaining a security plan for your investments is imperative, and that’s why we design comprehensive security and surveillance plans utilizing IC Realtime equipment.

You can remotely view recorded or live footage of entries, offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and exits using your smartphone, tablet, or on-site monitors. When all of your staff have left the property at the end of the day, an alarm system featuring motion sensors will ping you and the central monitoring service regarding any detected disturbances or breach of entry points.

AI-enabled video analytics are smart enough to recognize it’s a raccoon scampering across the parking lot and not a human, which leads to fewer false alarms that could potentially cost you a fee. We also provide a 5 to 7-year warranty on IC Realtime products because we truly trust them to keep your Texas commercial property protected.


Biometric Readers

Keeping an eye on your business with surveillance cameras and a security system only scratches the surface of an access control system’s benefits. Go a step further and protect essential offices, safe rooms, and data centers with keypads and biometric readers. Controlling access to these areas ensures only staff with the proper security credentials can enter a space.

Fingerprint readers and keypads are perfect for setting up unique user codes, so you can monitor who enters an area and when they attempted access. Anyone without the proper clearance is barred entry, plus managers can receive a text alert when improper access is attempted. Facial recognition cameras are an innovative touchless option that prevents germ contamination – something every business has had to consider lately.


No matter your industry, D-Tronics Home & Business designs unique commercial access control systems that meet and exceed your expectations. Connect with us by chatting with a representative at the bottom of your screen or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to serving you.


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