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The Texas sun can be brutal, no matter what time of year it is and where you are! Of course, you should wear SPF to protect your skin, but what about your interior home furnishings? You need something similar to SPF that can prevent sun damage. That’s where motorized shades come in.

Motorized shades and window tints can add a layer of protection between delicate fabrics, artwork, and furnishings inside your McAllen-area home and damaging UV rays. Keep reading below to learn more about these innovative smart home solutions.

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Hunter Douglas Shades

We’ve written before about the style and functionality of Hunter Douglas motorized shades. No matter what type of shades our clients choose for their south Texas home, we’re always impressed by the luxurious fabrics and color sections available. With the tap of a button, you can adjust the amount of light that shines indoors.

The Silhouette window shadings from Hunter Douglas maintain privacy while adding soft light to your spaces. The vanes are suspended between two sheer pieces of fabric, and you can tilt the vanes to allow different amounts of light into the room and prevent peering eyes from looking inside. The Luminette sheers give you 180-degrees of light control with vertical rotating fabric vanes.

3M Window Tint

For hard-to-reach windows or those you’d prefer to not add shades to, 3M window tint can work wonders on reducing energy costs and preventing damage to your interiors. Plus, you can add a layer of privacy from the peeping eyes of neighbors and insulate yourself from the Texas heat with 3M window tint!

With layers of nano-carbon fibers, you can block up to 99.99% of the sun’s UV rays and up to 65% of the light from outside. You could even pair Hunter Douglas shades with 3M window film for ultimate protection from heat and sun, more privacy, and reduced glare on screens indoors.

D-Tronics Is Your Window Treatments Expert

For over 20 years, our dedicated team has brought innovative home solutions to our clients in McAllen and the surrounding areas. From audio/video to motorized shades and beyond, we’re always looking for the latest technologies that can help transform daily lifestyles.

For all of your window treatments and automation needs, D-Tronics Home & Business is here for you! Connect with us using our online form, or chat with us at the bottom of your screen to schedule a consultation!

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