Improve Your Texas Home with Wi-Fi!


Keep Your Whole Home Connected with a New or Upgraded Network 

Buffering symbols on YouTube videos, dropped work calls, and lagging video games are all telltale signs of a weak network connection. Even if your ISP (internet service provider) touts 1,000 Mbps speed or higher, a poorly designed home network with improper device locations and installations will tank your network speeds to frustrating lows. 

Our top-notch team can bring expertly designed wired and wireless connections to your home, whether you’re in McAllen, TX, or the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn three aspects of your smart home that you can improve with a new or upgraded network with whole-home Wi-Fi. 

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Home Entertainment 

Streaming has become a staple in the world of entertainment. From watching award-winning TV shows and movies on Netflix to streaming your favorite tunes using Spotify and TIDAL, high-speed internet connections can support your movie nights and dance parties with the family. An expertly designed home network with Wi-Fi can help all of your family’s devices connect and stream simultaneously. With just a tap, you can screencast from a smartphone to the family TV or stream music without a hiccup. 

And while it’s possible to connect your PC and gaming consoles wirelessly, a hard-wired ethernet connection ensures a consistently stable connection that can support multiplayer online games, fast action sequences, and large downloads. Having both Wi-Fi and wired broadband connections ensure every single device in your home can reliably stay connected. 

Work From Home 

Over the past year, many Texans have transitioned to a partial or full-time work-from-home or e-learning-from-home schedule. Countless videoconferencing calls, team messaging, and large file uploads and downloads can tax an already congested network. High-performance routers, switches, and mesh network setups can support a bustling home full of smart devices so that no one drops out of important work or school meetings. 

Our expert team will assess your home and install equipment in intelligent locations to avoid common Wi-Fi hurdles like appliances or building materials. These physical obstacles could potentially prevent getting signals to the places of your home where you need them most. 


Even though it’s a bit chillier in Texas this time of year, enjoying an evening by the fire pit in the back yard doesn’t need to be devoid of entertainment. Wireless access points extend your home network beyond the four walls of your McAllen-area home. This means you can easily stream your desired playlist through your landscape speakers, watch the big game outdoors, and use your smartphone while connected to Wi-Fi.  


You can experience a whole new layer of convenience with a whole-home wired and Wi-Fi network. Connect with us using our online form so we can help you get started on staying connected in a better way! 

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