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If you’re wondering how to transport the great picture and sound quality of the local multiplex to your McAllen-area home without the sticky floors and overpriced concessions, then we have a solution for you. With a home theater design that incorporates the same caliber of high-performance equipment as a commercial theater but with a smaller footprint, you can enjoy fast-paced car chase scenes, emotional moments between main characters, and feel like you’re in a front row seat of a music concert with a simple press of a button on a remote.

For Texas-sized entertainment solutions, D-Tronics Home & Business has you covered. Keep reading below to learn how we can design an out-of-this-world personal home theater experience for you and your family!

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Movies From the Comfort of Home

You’ll need to make the popcorn yourself, but our theater design team will handle the rest. From selecting plush recliners that ensure comfort during your next movie marathon to programming a ‘Movie Night’ smart scene that will lower the projection screen, cue up the Blu-ray player, and dim the lights to the perfect setting, the design of your home theater will have you experiencing your favorite TV shows and movies like never before!

Based on the size and shape of the room, your budget, and your entertainment needs, we will suggest the most suitable audio and video equipment. Rest assured that all of our residential theater partner brands produce high-performing components that rival that of the cineplex without taking up nearly as much space.

Experience It for Yourself

When you visit our McAllen, TX showroom, you’ll have the opportunity to see and hear high-performance home theater equipment in action. Our cinema spaces let you sit down, lean back, and enjoy the show! Experience an audio system featuring Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos speakers are upward-firing, which takes surround sound and turns it up a notch - enveloping you in a sphere of an all-around sound experience. You’ll hear the sound above, behind, and in front of you. 

Instead of simply imagining large-scale video displays, view a projector and ambient light rejection projection screen combination as well as a large screen TV display. Our team of home theater designers will show you – and teach you – the ins and outs of the science of a top-performing personal cinema experience.


For an at-home AV consultation or to schedule a visit to our state-of-the-art showroom in McAllen, visit our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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