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A window is smashed. A door is pried open. What do you do? If you don’t have an alarm system installed on your Edinburg-area property, then several things could happen, none of which are pleasant. If you do have a robust security system and response plan, then your remote monitoring team will sense the danger before it ever occurred, an alarm would sound, and law enforcement would be dispatched to your Texas home immediately.

Whether you’re at home or away on vacation, knowing your property and loved ones are protected brings peace of mind. An alarm system is much more than a siren blaring in response to a forced-open entry, though. Keep reading below to learn what other security measures should be included in modern home alarm systems.

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Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance has come a long way from the old days of grainy CCTV footage using VHS tapes. Now, smart cameras with video analytics’ functionality and artificial intelligence can send high-definition footage to the cloud for secure storage. You’ll be able to remotely access footage no matter where in the world you’re located, save videos, and send video clips to law enforcement or the insurance company if needed.

Placing cameras at primary entry points, around the perimeter, by garages and sheds, and in the interior of your home give you an eye on everything. You can even use a video doorbell to view and speak with whoever rang your doorbell. If it’s a delivery person, dog walker, or house guest, tap a button on your smartphone to unlock your smart locks to let them inside. If it’s an unwanted visitor instead of a guest, simply tell them you’re not interested without ever having to answer the door.


Many homeowners have heard of motion sensors, but several other sensors are available to include in your home alarm system. Water leak sensors are placed on main water lines and in spaces that have the potential to flood, such as laundry rooms or by the water heater. 

If water is detected, then your smartphone and remote monitoring service are pinged immediately. From your phone, you’ll also be able to remotely shut off the water line and communicate with the authorities or an emergency contact so they can handle the situation appropriately.

Smart Home Integration

There are a few different options when considering integration of your security system into your smart home system. Whether you utilize a QOLSYS, Control4, or Alarm.com home alarm system, D-Tronics Home & Business’ team of experts can handle all of the details. 

Instead of the ‘Away’ security scene only arming the alarm, it can also lower motorized shades to provide privacy, set lighting to a Mockupancy setting to trick potential burglars into thinking you’re still at home, and lock all smart locks and gates. You’ll be able to pull up live and previously recorded surveillance footage feed on your smartphone using one intuitive interface.

If you’re ready to bring a renewed peace of mind to your home in the Valley, fill out our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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